Packet Guardian Release 1.3.0

Release notes for Packet Guardian v1.3.0

Lee Keitel

1 minute read


Version 1.3.0 is a bug and security fix release. It's highly recommended that all instances of Packet Guardian be updated to 1.3.0.

This version contains a database migration to allow user permissions to be manageable from the web interface. This migration will take place automatically when the program starts. As always, make a backup of the database before any upgrade.



  • Permissions on blacklisted users 918adf2
  • Old sessions cleanup task ee1435a
  • Issues with stale database connections ac2f5c9
  • JSON encoding of Device object dc769fb
  • Permissions on GET device api 525b6fd
  • Error when blacklisting a blacklisted device fc6de6f
  • GET device api consistency cff340e
  • Couple formatting issues on smaller screens b2644d7, 2506717


  • Status api /api/status c09027b
  • Manage user permissions through web interface bee5d98
  • GET user api /api/user/{username} 1426f6b
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